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I believe that we all heal, learn and grow in different ways. Breathe Life Coaching offers several different services.  Read below to learn more and decide where you would like to start. Please don't hesitate to reach out with any questions. 

Individual Coaching

When you are diagnosed with Breast Cancer your entire world can get turned upside down. I was diagnosed in 2019, so I deeply understand the ups and downs that can come along with a Breast Cancer diagnosis. Do you find that you are so focused with scheduling appointments for doctors, imaging, surgery, chemotherapy and radiation that you are losing years of your life just trapped in a cycle of treatment and recovery? It can all can be enormously overwhelming.


I see you and hear you.

We will begin by processing what you are feeling, then move towards developing a plan to help you cope with your daily stresses and the anxiety and nervousness you may experience on the heavier days. I am ready to help you refocus yourself from mere survivor to thriver. 

Are you ready?

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Family Coaching

When someone is diagnosed with Breast Cancer, the entire family is affected. Routines are interrupted, there is a loss of security and certainty and the home can look and feel like a medical facility. Daily activities that may have once been taken for granted now take great planning and strategy to take place. Bath time and dinner time even start to feel like impossible challenges. In short, it can just feel like the whole family is off kilter. I know that when my family was coping with my Breast Cancer, we all truly wished we had a support system, or some sort of instruction manual to help us through it.


That is precisely why I have chosen to offer Family coaching as one of Breathe Life Coaching’s services. I’m happy to provide a place where it is safe to ask for help with the every day actions that have become so difficult, but “shouldn’t be.” Family coaching not only helps you to develop the tools to emotionally deal with it all, but we will use our time to come up with real, tangible action items and solutions to the logistical problems that may have come your way. I hope you are ready to explore these possibilities for yourself and your family.


Reach out today, and get your family and home back on track.

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Group Coaching

You are not alone. Let me repeat that. You are not alone. A Breast Cancer diagnosis can feel very lonely.  The truth of the matter is that there are millions of others experiencing that same loneliness all over the world. Group Coaching gives you the opportunity  to connect with not only yourself, but with others as well. My groups come together in a safe and welcoming space. There, we discuss challenges we may be facing in the moment, wins we have accomplished, and tools and solutions to not only help us through the next couple of weeks, but to flourish in the process.


Groups can be formed by you, the client, or you are welcome to join one of the groups that I already facilitate. I’m looking forward to welcoming you to our Breathe Life Coaching group community where you will feel a sense of purpose, know you belong, and can allow yourself to once again feel joy.

Let’s start your journey towards more happiness, satisfaction and peace.

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Spouse / Caregiver Coaching

When someone is diagnosed with Breast Cancer, the entire family is affected.  Spouses and caregivers often tend to take on the a lot of that stress and worry. I understand the toll this can take on you. Do you feel that you have been so busy worrying and caring for your loved one, that you have lost sight of yourself?  I am here to offer you a safe place to talk about how all your loved one is experiencing is affecting you on a personal level. They may be the ones who are going through Cancer, but that does not mean that what you are feeling is not painful as well.


With one on one coaching, we can work together to process all of the feelings that come along with your loved one’s Breast Cancer, how it is affecting you, and we can then develop a plan to help you process those feelings and move forward.  Imagine providing support for your loved one while being able to focus on you and your needs as well.

If you are open to exploring these possibilities for yourself, please reach out today to connect with me.

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Ready to start healing?
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