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Community Involvement

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In addition to coaching, I believe in doing all I can to make changes in the world when it comes to Breast Cancer. For starters, I volunteer my time as a Komen Advocacy Ambassador where I share my story with law makers, in hopes it will help someone else down the road. 


I am passionate about supporting our community, both locally and globally. Part of that passion is spreading awareness of Breast Cancer, raising funds for research, raising funds for the underserved and finding a cure. 


I also help fundraise to help find a cure with Susan G. Komen and also locally, with In The Pink Walk for Tidelands Health. I truly believe if we all do our part and follow our hearts the world can be a better place.

 As Dolly Parton sings “Someday pink will be just a color. Not a ribbon to remember a best friend or a mother”.

Tidelands Health
In The Pink Walk, 2021

Tidelands Health in The Pink Walk 2021 was a combo walk day.  It again was virtual due to COVID 19. But I pulled double duty that day and hosted a Pink Walk Way for the Susan G. Komen Walk.  It was an amazing day, a few people did come out a walk and my best friend and fellow Breast Cancer Survivor, Lisa, came down from Minnesota to join me, Steve and even Marley joined in.

Tidelands Health
In The Pink Walk, 2020
(Drive Through, due to COVID)

Tidelands Health in The Pink Walk 2020 was a drive through event due to COVID 19.  It was bittersweet, I was right in the middle of treatments and was saddened that I could not actually do the walk and be with everyone that day.

Tidelands Health
In The Pink Walk, 2019

This day was an emotional day for me.  It was my second walk and it was just weeks after I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer.  A few days later, I was in the hospital recovering after my first mastectomy.

Tidelands Health
In The Pink Walk, 2018

This was my first Breast Cancer walk.  In 2017 is when I was first diagnosed with intraductal papilloma’s.  While I was not diagnosed with Breast Cancer at that point, I knew deep down that, it was something I would face in the future. I decided right there and then I would be a campion for those affected by this awful disease. Tidelands Health is my main healthcare provider, and they are amazing!  The resources and treatment they have available for cancer patients is top notch!

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