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"I came to Laurie after struggling for years to move on after breast cancer.  I wasn’t able to let it go and she helped me move on and realize that I had breast cancer, it never had me!  Laurie uses her warmth and compassion to listen and get to the real heart of the problem.  She then asks the hard questions, that really get you thinking and you see what was holding you back.  I am so happy I worked with her and continue to work with her!  I am no longer stuck in a place of shame, but rather in a place of pride!  I am proud to say I am a survivor!"


"Since my first appointment with Laurie, I have noticed that my self-control with food is something I can fight.  Laurie has taught me different ways to help me fight the temptation so I can get healthy.  I went to Laurie to loose weight and she has helped me in so many ways to do it.  After 5 sessions I am down 7 pounds.  Laurie has given me so many different options on foods I want and helped me figure out a healthier way to still get my cravings and be healthy.  Laurie has also helped me by giving me wonderful support and encouragement to keep me going.  I found that the coaching is a partnership where the goals, ideas, problems, solutions and ultimately the action comes from you.  Laurie’s careful questioning and challenging, combined with her listening skills, tease out the important issues and then together you form an action plan.  Laurie has been a wonderful cheerleader in my journey and I am so glad I decided to seek help to make me a better and healthier person.  I cannot thank Laurie enough!!"


"I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2018.  I came to Laurie hoping to move on and stop focusing on the past.  I needed to move on and she helped me to do that.  I was stuck in a place where I kept feeling sorry for myself, she helped me figure out, that it was not my fault. I am starting to feel confident going out in public again, when I had struggled with that in the past, I always felt like everyone was looking and judging me and Laurie helped me to see, that was not the case. I am feeling normal again and I have Laurie to thank for that."


"Laurie is amazing.  She is a gifted coach and her intuitive, sensitive listening skills have supported me through some challenges.  I highly recommend Laurie to anyone seeking to improve their professional skills or personal life skills.  Laurie has helped me update my resume to be more professional along with some tips on how to search for a career that would work for me and my family.  Laurie has also helped me figure out ways to be a healthier person.  I found that I was doing a lot of stress and boredom eating and she helped me notice that and helped me find a way to take control and make a plan and find a better choice in what foods I eat and ways to understand that I may have just been bored and not hungry.  Laurie helped me figure out ways to see if I was actually hungry or if it was my boredom and my mind taking control.  Laurie is fantastic!  What makes her great is she is very calm and she kept me focused.  I enjoyed the homework she has given me because I succeed best when I am held accountable.  I would highly recommend anyone to Laurie who is truly serious about making a change in their life or career!"

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